Exposed to all winds, the facade of your house requires periodic refurbishment to maintain its original charm. This maintenance is also essential to protect your building from humidity and strengthen the exterior insulation of your home.


Specialized in home improvement works, Wonderwalls takes care of the restoration of all types of exterior facades, whatever it’s coating: natural stones, plaster, paint …

For a simple cleaning or a complete restoration of the facade with the renovation of the roof included, our team carries out work of all sizes.

Our facade specialists work throughout the UK.

Before any intervention, a diagnosis of your facade is essential. Request your study today, it will allow us to establish a detailed estimate of the work to be considered.

Exterior paint, plaster, and plaster

Identical reproduction or real transformation, our facade builders and house painters carry out the finish of your choice: acrylic paint, insulating plaster, plaster, natural or reconstituted facing stones … Wonderwalls ensures the restoration of your building in every detail: framing windows, bars, joinery…

The facade finish is decorative but it can also play a protective role. Depending on the orientation of your facade and the condition of your building, our specialists will be able to advise you on choosing the most suitable finish.

Façade cleaning and defoaming

Your facade is in good condition but it has lost its shine?

A simple cleaning can bring your building back to life and charm. The operation requires specific equipment and products to avoid damaging the exterior coating.

Only a facade professional can assure you cleaning in the rules of the art. And to protect your building sustainably, request the application of a water repellent treatment on the facade!

For quick intervention

Mosses, cracks, deterioration of joints, loosening of plaster or paint, traces of humidity and problems of infiltration on interior walls … are all signs of a facade in poor condition.

Without a complete facelift, these pathologies will evolve and weaken the structure of your building.

Stripping, filling cracks, repairing seals, waterproofing treatment, etc. The operation can be complex but necessary.