From the conception to the realization of your project, Wonderwalls will be your partner and only direct interlocutor.

Painting and Decoration

Have you undertaken major renovations? Do you have a decoration project to reinvent your interior? Wonderwalls takes care of all your finishing work.


Bathrooms and kitchens are no longer just places of passage. These living spaces are transformed according to the occupants and desire to coordinate with the rest of the house and become spaces of pleasure that we want to show.

Commercial construction

Structural construction work is the primary activity of Wonderwalls Construction. Whether for the construction of private or public works, the company guarantees the objectives in terms of quality, deadline, and budget.

about wonderwalls

Wonderwalls is a general construction company, that is to say, that it has the capacity to carry out contracts for all trades and levels. The company carries out both new construction works, as well as restoration works, structural reinforcement, groundworks, as well as maintenance work. They also work on Listed and Historical sites. From the feasibility study to the execution and maintenance of a building, Wonderwalls puts its know-how and experience in construction at the disposal of its customers to make their project a success. Wonderwalls relies on the know-how of the different entities of the group to design and produce exceptional buildings, respectful of people and the environment.


Wonderwalls relies on its professionalism to offer you the solution best suited to your construction needs. Every day, our employees combine their talents in the service of building ambitious projects where rigor, integrity, and responsibility are the watchwords. We strive to deliver your projects as close to your expectations and within the agreed deadlines.

Rich in experience

Founded in 2007, Wonderwalls is a building and public works company.

Wonderwalls, enriched by an experience of more than 20 years, continues to develop by making quality and safety the centre of its concerns. Thanks to qualified staff and an upgrade of its equipment.

Wonderwalls carries out the construction of buildings, interior fittings, maintenance, restoration, and decoration. These achievements include collective housing, commercial and industrial premises, leisure centres (swimming pools, sports halls, theatres, etc.), public places (schools, hospitals, colleges etc.).

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