Commercial Construction

Structural construction work is the primary activity of Wonderwalls Constructions.

Structural construction

Whether for the construction of private or public works, the company guarantees the objectives in terms of quality, deadline, and budget. Mastering different construction techniques (reinforced concrete, stone masonry, concrete blocks, bricks ...), Wonderwalls Construction intervenes for construction projects, extensions, rehabilitation, foundations, raising or renovation of various works: - Industrial, commercial and tertiary buildings - Functional structures (nursing homes, schools, etc.) - Collective and individual housing (property development, social housing) - Civil engineering (municipal water and electricity unions, municipal swimming pools, reception area, etc.)


Because each site is unique, Wonderwalls Construction has a Method Service which intervenes during the site preparation period, in order to determine the most suitable construction methods for the project by comparing and optimizing them from a cost point of view. , deadlines, security, and quality. By defining a constructive method, this service also determines the need for equipment, materials, and labor and establishes the provisional schedules. The methods department works in close collaboration with the price study office and then approaches the site management team as soon as it has been set up, to discuss constructive solutions.


Wonderwalls Construction has a prefabrication pole with a team of dedicated technicians, to design and manufacture concrete elements, ready to deliver and lay on site. Equipped with several hydraulic benches and 350 m² of shuttering table, this specialized center responds to the most precise requests of customers by pre-manufacturing simple or complex parts: - Slabs - Beams - Sails - Staircase - Cornice - Poles

Historic And listed Building

Have you ever thought of making history?, Do you ever dream of owning a historic building?, Worry no more as WONDERWALLS Construction Company has got you covered. WonderWalls is one of the most reputable companies you can trust for satisfaction when it comes to dealing with historic and listed buildings. With the best designs we refresh your historic and listed building, with high quality material, and just the perfect design that will give your building outstanding and natural beauty. If you ever wish to own a historic or listed building or you want your building to be just like a historic building of your dreams, fear not, because with WonderWalls nothing is an impossibility in our world. We tell you all these confidently because we've encountered them in the past and we came out of them to be really thanked by our customers, yours wouldn't be an exception. We will transition your imagination into beautiful reality!.
With experience and high skilled labor, we specialize in all grades of historic and listed buildings, we give you the best services with 100% workmanship guaranteed. We don't joke with deadline, we go by agreement as long as the requirements we lay before you are met and agreement followed. Why should you choose us? With our quality work and equipments, we assure that your building is in safe hands. Not only that, we're therefore always ready to go to any length to bring you satisfaction going by your readiness to make us satisfy you. WonderWalls gives you nothing but the best and historic designs for your buildings. You shouldn't be left out of what we offer at an affordable rate, so, contact us Today!.


Are you in need of a quality Groundwork? Then WonderWalls Construction Company is the best you choice you can ever make. We are one of the leading construction companies in diverse market segments and embracing current technologies and making a difference. With WonderWalls you get the perfect and suitable design for your Groundwork. We give your building project a strong and reliable foundation. We are experienced and highly skilled in labor, we also give you the best services with 100% workmanship guarantee. Wouldn't you rather work with us? with our high quality materials, experience and expertise you will not be disappointed. We give you the best Groundwork for your building projects. Contact us for affordable deals!. You've tried the rest; now try the best.